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Domain Registration

Domain name registration is the initial step in launching an online business. It is the name of your company, personality, or business. As your recognition mark, your domain name choice should involve in depth market research and business knowledge. A well-chosen domain name can promote your business in a variety of ways including the increase in search engine traffic. Just like any business, your distinctiveness is very significant. If you are serious about your presence on the Internet, you have to get your own domain name.

As domain names are extensive, the number of people who often look for the best domain names registry on the web also rises. Domain name registration is a very important job. Earth Village offers you several guidelines to consider while choosing a suitable domain name while setting up a new business. From the first day, our consulting staff is there for you.

Web hosting and domain name registration are typically separate services. Though your hosting company may give or sell you a domain name with your web site, most hosting companies are not domain registrars. What's more, in spite of the fact that hosting companies will usually take care of your initial domain name registration, becoming familiar with the basics of domain name administration can save you anywhere from a few bucks to a little bundle.

Choosing Earth Village, as an affiliate of Tucows, for registration and maintenance of your domain names can save you not only time, and potential embarrassment, but often saves more money than you might have thought possible.


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5 $10.75
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